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reset a hp ink cartridge after refilling

Go to the following website and download the freeware InkMonitor 2.1.2:
You have to add data about new cartridge. HP60 cartridge information =
200 pages per cartridge. This works great for me. It gives you a history
of everything printed. This way you can gauge when its time to refill
your cartridges. You must refill before they run out of ink or you will
burn out the print heads and have to replace them.

newer Hewlett Packard printers have included in the software that comes
with their printers, a "toolbox" that includes a section called
Estimated Ink Level. Its a great tool that allows you to keep track of
how much ink is left in your cartridges so you don't start a big print
job and get stranded out of ink in the middle of it. The only problem is
that has become quite troublesome on those who wish to refill their
cartridges. If you refill your cartridge or have someone else refill
your cartridge, it will read as low or empty when you try to print with
the cartridge.

 How does HP do it? They started embedding a serial number
in the contact strip located on the back of the cartridge. The printer
remembers that serial number and gives the message of low or out of ink.
The internal memory is located in the printers firmware and is not in
the software. It will remember the previous two cartridges ink level. We
have posted various ways to reset the ink levels so your Estimated Ink
Level will read full again. Click on your printer cartridge number below
to find out how.

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